22 July 2008

Intel Centrino 2 announced

Intel is the world's largest CPU producer, that's why each new technology they invent influences the whole computer market. Today, it is good news for laptop users. Many of us know about Intel's Centrino technology, which saves power and gives us a better performance for less energy. Intel has officially announced an upgrade to Centrino line - Centrino 2. It will be even more advanced, promises Core 2 Duo performance with WiFi-N or WiMax wireless capability and faster speeds. Let's look more precisely, what offer us this Centrino upgrade.

The Centrino 2 specs are very promising. It features an upgraded Intel graphics processor, Intel CPU with chipset and Integated Graphics. It includes WiFi-N (the fastest) adapter with optional WiMAX wireless networking adapter and Gigabit Ethernet (vPro model only). It will also support HDMI, Blu-Ray, DisplayPort and CrossFire Dual GPUs for laptops. However, it is not mentioned with what types of GPUs, NVIDIA or XTi will it be compatible. The WiFi capability will come courtesy of a 300Mbps Intel Wi-Fi Link 5150 or 450Mbps Intel Wi-Fi Link 5350.

This new technology will mostly influence laptop users, because it is targeted at increased power managing features. With Intel Centrino 2 inside, specs promise the ability to watch a full-length Blu-Ray movie without need of an AC adapter. This was made possible by hundreds of power management improvements, such as Low-power CPU, DDR3 RAM and many more features, which lowers laptop's power needs by 25%.

Of course some time must pass before we will see first "Intel Centrino 2 inside" laptops, and the price will vary, however, prices on new CPUs are already known: 209 USD Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 2.26Ghz, 3MB cache, 25W TDP to 1 Intel Core 2 Extreme X9100 3.06Ghz, 6MB cache, 44W TDP.

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