22 April 2008

Two display LG cell phone with a touch screen

One of the first LG cell phones with a touch screen LG KF600 Venus. It has been created in continuation to Chocolate series. However, the main screen is not touch sensitive it's only the small one that can be controlled by touch.

Venus has two displays in the front and that makes it different from other LG mobile phones. The bigger display on top is a 2" 240 x 320 pixel screen. The second display is a 1.5" screen with resolution of 176 x 240 pixels and is called "InterractPad". This is where you can press buttons with your fingers. I think this idea is very interesting and somewhat useful.

The number of buttons and functions displayed on the lower screen can be different which helps simplify controls on the phone as opposed to two soft buttons, two hard buttons and a 4 position joystick with OK button as it used to be in older phones. Now the controls may be customizable by users.

Speaking of the technological aspects of LG KF600 Venus it's a pretty nice phone with decent features built in. Bluetooth and MP3 player have become standard features in modern mobile phones and KF600 is not an exception. It has 64 MB of built in memory and a microSD card expansion slot which is enough for this model.

As for the camera it has a pretty good 3.15 megapixel camera that can shoot photos and videos. The picture quality is very good as always it was in LG mobile phones, so no problems here.

Connectivity - one of the main features for some people. Venus will allow you to view office documents and e-mails right on the phone itself. It has a quad band GSM, features USB 2.0 for PC connections and EDGE for fast internet.

In general LG KF600 Venus is a good cell phone but it does not have some features that I would want to see in it. For example a top spec camera and 3G connectivity are missing here however I would like to see it in my next cell phone.

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