15 April 2008

Portable Wireless Projector

Surely sometimes we all want to show something on a bigger screen than your digital camera, PDA or laptop has. Usually, for these cases, we need a projector, but they are bulky to carry around and quite expensive. Moreover, they always need a laptop, which is not a very portable device too. There must be a way to show your photos or movies without any laptop and in much more convenient way... And there is!

The Micro Projector, as the name tells, is a very portable and compact version of projector. It will surely help you to transfer all your newly taken photos or video clips on a way much bigger screen than your device has. One of the best features of this gadget, apart from it being very compact, is its ability to play files directly from an SD card, removing the need in laptop or other video broadcasting device. It can still be connected to the video source, as it has component audio and video input slots, so you will be able to connect it to your DVD player.

However, the quality of image will not be comparable with expensive special projectors; the manufacturer does not even release information about resolution or contrast ratio of this compact projector. But who cares when all you need is to show some photos to your friends from your latest holiday? It even has a speakers at the rear side, so you will hear sound from your video clips or MP3 files as well. Batteries-powered, it can operate without any wires attached, which is also a great plus.

With this Micro Projector you can experience the advantages of using projectors without need in spending huge amount of money for professional one. It is very simple to use and operate, and performs its actions pretty well. Just ensure that you have dark enough room with a suitable projectable surface - we doubt that it can show a bright picture under direct sunlight. This interesting gadget can be purchased for about 0 - a nice price for a compact and portable projector.

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