28 April 2008

The Luna Crystal watch

Despite the fact that at present many different things such as cell phones, mp3 players and so on can be used to tell time, the watch is still considered as a necessary device. From the very appearance of the watch till present days there was an enormous amount of watch designs, yet the common feature is that given device has always served as an adornment as well. So nowadays the main function of the watch, i.e. to tell time, is not of great importance, because it's generally used as an ornament.

The Luna watch designed by John Pszeniczny and made of crystal, stainless steel and a spessartite garnet is not an exception to this rule. Moreover at the first sight given gadget doesn't even look like a watch, because there is no indicator that shows time. However if you want this device to tell the time, just touch two contact points and time seems to magically float inside the crystal.

Unfortunately this gadget can not perform any other functions. Yet despite its simplicity, from the aesthetical point of view it can be regarded as a very decent fashion watch. Thus you can expect to see it in a range of colors with coordinated signity gems.

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