02 April 2008

Bit Torrent downloader gadget

If you are connected to the Internet and use it often, you probably heard of Bit Torrent technology. It makes downloading big files, such as movies or games, much faster: you download file not from server, but from every user who already has this file. It became very popular, and almost any recent movie or TV episode can be found in Bit Torrent network right after its appearance. Still, you will need to reencode downloaded files and burn them to aDVD to watch them. But this nuisance can be avoided now, with help of this cool gadget!

MyKa is a nice looking white boxy, which is capable of removing the need in reencoding videos you downloaded to watch them - you will be able to watch them on TV right after they finished downloading! It has a full set of AV out ports from composite and S-Video to HDMI, and users can connect to this gadget via Wi-Fi or LAN either. Two USB ports at the back give you the ability to expand its storage capacity, if built-in HDD of 80, 160 or 500 GB are not enough for you.

Bit Torrent software is already installed, and the box runs completely on Linux. Moreover, of course it can hook up with the PC to be able to access downloaded content from your computer.

This gadget can be used not only for video playing function, it can do a huge help when you want to download a whole season of "Lost" or "Prison Break" but don't want to sleep with your PC on. It will quietly do its job, and will be able to broadcast it when it is finished downloading. In addition, you will never have to worry about your share ratio - just keep MyKa working and your ratio will always be in good state.

The only question left is legitimacy of Bit Torrent networks, but let us leave it out of this article. The price for this gadget is set from 299 dollars to 459 dollars

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