26 February 2008

Hanging printer

It's quite an obvious fact that desk space is of great importance. Hardly someone likes when there are odds and ends on the table. So for those people who try to keep their desk space clean and tidy designers create objects with small footprints. Such a device has been recently invented by Korean designers (Jin Hee Kim, Hyung Il Kim & Woo Seok Park).

Their new gadget represents quite an original hanging printer that can help you a lot in saving your space. The significant part of its components is underneath the desk. So the only parts that are located on the desk are paper feed and print head. Giving concept has an embedded LCD to indicate status. Moreover gadget has 2 USB ports giving an opportunity to connect different devices to it. Another advantage of this printer consists in the fact that it has modern aesthetic design being a great solution for today's cluttered desktops. As regards the functionality and price of this gadget no information is available.

In sum it should be mentioned that hanging printer can be considered as a very unusual and useful design. Moreover taking into consideration its distinctive feature I think that after some time it will probably be widely adopted. But now the only thing we can do is to look forward to its appearance on the market.

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